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blog post one hundred slipped by me. yes. i let it on purpose.
one-oh-one is a bit more…more. and perhaps worth some celebratory pondering.
i sat down eating lemon pie and thought, thought, thought. (cue some quizzical facial expressions attracting strange looks from the man in fluorescent yellow high-visibility safety vest sitting opposite me on the middle-of-the-mall smokers park bench). i feel an urge to reassess my wardrobe. not necessarily undergo a complete style change. hence also the brand new blog banner and subtitle.  
i'm not into pushing myself to anything via fad. like raf simons' jil sander spring 11 hyper colour blocked runway (i.e. fuscia maxi skirt). but then again. hmm. just yesterday i was in heart-palpitations (the kind often experienced after drinking too much red bull) while flicking through an old vogue magazine featuring the romance was born ss 09 "oysters and shells" collection. i mean looking at it properly. after all the hype. i find myself absolutely needing the crochet doily cape. and coming to a realization that it is too late. too bad so very sad. when at the time i calmly told myself, that even though yes, anything made by anna plunkett or luke sales is freaking amazingly awsome its very definitely not my style.  but what is "style"?
so it’s with a question, that inner-struggle sensation, which i stand at the rack deciding whether to buy safe: resulting in endless sameness hanging off the wardrobe pole, or, to go out on a whim of craziness and buy the red floral print origami cape jacket, but risk it taking up the already short supply of coat-hanger. and those feelings of “what was I thinking…”
oh well well.
draw a heart in the sand.
go dinosaur dancing.
make the doily cape.
style note in the spirit of reflection and pensiveness: (i have blogged it an age before but i can't get enough). the berin skirt wanted to see some more fun in the sun. the outfit is inspired by a shoot guest edited by heidi middleton and sarah jane clarke in the december 2002 issue of australian vogue.
vintage harvey berin skirt/ sass & bide top/ polo ralph lauren shoes/ vintage jewellery


watch in awe watch in awe.

when im driving in my car. that man comes on the radio...
image: "DRINK" 1972 mick jagger and keith richards via russh magazine


shadowman in a cowboy hat.

ghostly stories and a fallow 'sail'.
elsom pants/ sass & bide top/ chloe boots/ chanel bag/ hat from general pants/ old random jewellery



just celebratin' the amazing work of yayoi kusama. polka dot extraordinaire. 
images: oyster magazine, aug/sept 2010.



wow-ee. i just found this while searching through my old barbie doll boxes. a little 1986 paperback publication of the brothers' grimm "sleeping beauty" featuring beautiful illustrations by wiktor sadowski.



i bought my first paris vogue when I was sitting, waiting… waiting, for an appointment. the issue was from november 2008 [the local newsstand was always 2 months behind circulation, therefore it must have, in the real world, been january or february 2009]. vanessa paradis was on the cover. red lips. red nails. i realized paris vogue is a completely different animal, compared to my usual australian version. the editorials are sharp. controversial. they have carine roitfeld stamped all over them. as editor-in-chief carine has truly shaped fashion into a crazy french story. and the lady has style beyond words. so i cannot help feeling a nostalgic reluctance to see the end of “realisation: carine roitfeld” following CR handing in her letter of resignation. 
but i am also excited and can hardly wait to see the creations of emmanuelle alt. i am sure the shoes will fit just fine. 
au revoir, carine.
image: tommy ton, jak and jil blog


landmarks of lunacy.

failsafe of the year number one: lanvin ballet flats. in oyster. 
because un-tieing black satin ribbon of a pale blue box is always fun. 
sass & bide dress and corset belt/ lanvin shoes/ chanel bag/ vintage jewellery