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atimetopretend the elizabeth p. thimble vintage blog of fashion + curiosities.

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a potion to poison, an apple to bite, a spell to cast...

way cool.
image courtesy mac cosmetics


run from the lights.

i've been after a givenchy spike headband for, like, ever. after a fistful of "sold out's" flashing across my screen, followed by momentary sobbing into my pillow, the only way to get this thing out of my system, is to make my own. lucky i had some spare spikes lying around.


spoon me. spoon you. spoon us.

get behind a little up and coming talent, my friend vicky, jewellery designer for her small project named spoon fingers. vicky’s vision for spoon fingers encompasses recycled and environmental practices and the clever lovely hand-makes the absolutely gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces out of old things i leave stashed in the bottom kitchen drawer thinking it maaaay maybe be useful sometime. like intertwining silver teaspoons. love love.
the utensil, the spoon, is all about 'serving' so with this in mind, vicky’s goal is to gradually expand spoon fingers into a charitable based mission. aww.
like? get in contact:
without fingers the hand would be a spoon: african proverb
all images courtesy spoon fingers


an afterthought.

to those who were not at grazia magazine's up late street party on james street: you missed out. big time. shopping and champagne and beautiful kelly smith-sketched library bags filled with little surprises = a night of fashion fun-ness. and this was just inside oh, so the place to be, frockshop's boutique (where i also happened to spot this lovely heart necklace by colombian designer mercedez salazar). skipping between raindrops from shop to shop, i overheard two ladies (dressed-up to nines, one with a gorgeous mass of bally silk around her neck. sigh.) "we should do this more often". oh yes. i think we should. 
 sass & bide corset top and pants/ mercedez salazar necklace/ vintage t-shirt, handbag and jewellery/ wittner shoes
image courtesy



come shopping with frockshop and grazia magazine!
um…what is better than playing pirate dress-ups with your cardboard box? i agree. not a lot. except this.
grazia magazine is visiting us in brisbane. and the lovely dears are bringing some friends too!
celebrate all things on trend and in style at frockshop’s flagship boutique when grazia magazine comes to brisbane’s trendy james street on thursday november 18.
don’t miss your chance to mingle with frockshop’s marnie goss and camilla and marc’s camilla freeman-topper at grazia up late.
sip champagne as you enjoy an exclusive one-night-only discount of 25% on new season styles.
plus. make sure you’re through the door by 7pm for your chance to win an autographed copy of mary-kate and ashley olsen’s cult book influence. (this WILL be mine!).
and. be one of the first to spend $100 in store to receive a limited edition calico tote bag filled with exclusive gifts and designed by sketch artist kelly smith. (these are just oh my gosh, cute as pie). smith has replicated one of the signature designs that she created for the walls of the frockshop boutique and autographed prints will be available for sale at the event.
(in case you find yourself with a case of shopper’s fatigue, an essie manicurist will be on hand to pamper you with a manicure in the latest colours).
grazia up late invites shoppers to rub shoulders with the likes of sass & bide, collette dinnigan, and kirrily johnston as they enjoy exclusive discounts and entertainment throughout the james street precinct.
grazia up late commences at 5pm until 9pm on thursday 18 november 2010.
so, unless you prefer hanging up-side-down on your grandma’s rotating clothesline… which i do. sometimes. but am just waaay too excited for this. i will be there at 4.59pm.
for more details (and while you're at it perhaps some shopping delight) visit:
the pretties at frockshop have also been kind enough to give a very very special secret offer of 10% discount on all, yes ALL!! your purchases (including wow sale items) until november the 18th. just enter PRETEND at the checkout.

if you're going to san francisco, be sure to wear flowers in your hair.

a piece of moschino history. multi-colour. fringed. suede. jacket. from the 1991 collection. thank you claireinc.
moschino fringed suede jacket/ sass & bide shorts and singlet/ vintage jewellery and shoes



a fitting name for my very first maniamania piece. a gift from my lovely mum for my birthday. she knows me too well. 
sass & bide dress and top/ maniamania necklace/ vintage jewellery and bag/ havianas shoes



eeringly beautiful work by cocorosie. featuring fashion by gail sorronda and romance was born!


waits 'round the corner and hides in the trees.

another of my mummy's lost treasures she has forgotten she (had). a genuine crocodile skin handbag, im thinking probably from around the late 70s.



music keeps me here...
image source unknown.