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bright lights on a starless night.

i was just sitting there at the train station, wishing that the train would come sooner. when a girl, wearing board-shorts and a football jumper asked me where i got my bag, gesturing at my louis vuitton speedy.
“um…” i hesitated, deciding whether this person and/or her boyfriend were deciding whether it was worth it to swipe my belongings.
“yeah, coz I have one too” she enthused.
“oh. cool” was my relieved reply (really, where the f was this train?)
evidently, LV had become somewhat of a tramp-stamp. i became embarrassed to take her out.
and so began the prowl for a beautiful, spacious bag. without all the logos and paraphernalia.
“there is something rather satisfying about an admirer glancing quizzically at your bag and being unable to place its provenance” says plum skyes in the june issue of vogue australia. agreed. (although hearts will go to my chanel 2.55 forever and ever).
so when I saw the marni sitting prettily in the sydney belinda boutique (after momentarily being distracted by a very incredible printed givenchy blazer...sigh…), i knew we would became instant friends. my suspicion was confirmed by the lady at belinda’s, who praised the marni’s intricate simplicity. “that (ie logo-smeared) is for the ‘other market’. this…this is couture”. 
oh yes. sold.
and thus i said at the st vinnies charity bin “goodbye, speedy. i hope you will make a homeless bag-lady very happy”.



before we became stinking hippies.

my mother thought it is about time she took down our old lace curtains today. lucky she didnt notice any missing... 
you know, for when i sometimes feel like hanging out in the tree-house. 

sass & bide pants and neckpiece/ vintage lace top/ havianas shoes/ vintage necklace and rings/ lyie van ryke bracelet.


after you've put on your renaissance dinosaur.

breaking news! apparently. "alex perry has been crowned the king of spring/summer fashion by readers, who voted one of the designer's dresses as their ultimate fashion..."
ok. readers, boring. major.
jokes aside, eventually i have been able to pour over reviews of some of the rafw shows i was heart-shattered to have missed, and managed to pick out wonderful things which i cant wait to add to my spring/ summer wardrobe.
i am so proud of some of the australian talent, including anthony capon (showing his incredible debut collection under a.concept design), romance was born (renaissance dinosaur is insane), kirilly johnson (tribal always will find a way into my heart), bassike (ooh...that organic cotton) and konstantina mittas (sheer flowy-ness). hearts to your work!

romance was born.

kirilly johnson


konstantina mittas
all images courtesy



backstage notepad.


first up, dressing alice mccall’s show. i am running through our changes with bambi: (sheer pink lace mini-dress and a blue dress in elasticized textured material which reminds me of a scuba wetsuit) while the ironing lady is trying to steam the creases out of the clothes. Everyone is in a hyper-tension as everything is already an hour behind schedule. everyone becomes even more hyper-tensioned when the show (finally) begins.

“where’s avril/ tallulah/ steph/ etc…i need avril/ tallulah/ steph/ etc NOW”!

dresser: “the leggings are too tight...they’re are not coming off”
alice: “if you have to, just rip them!”

bianca spender brings in her collection as soon as the models strip off the last pieces of underwear and alice breathes a sigh of relief and does an honorary happy dance.
although bianca spender has an established name in fashion circles, (not only through being the daughter of carla zampatti, she has made some pretty blazers too), it is her debut runway show. my model, hermione, has three look changes and it’s obvious that bianca is really a little strung out when she “enthusiastically” yanks off the grey silk jumpsuit after i inform her that the zip is stuck. luckily we don’t have to change shoes as the dress pants that hermione’s changing into have a smart zip at the ankle and the silk top just floats over her head. the last outfit is a mini skirt and top finished by a gorge soft, draped silk blazer. i become a little mesmerized by the feather eyebrow-wear on the models, but before i know it, the show is over and there is a crazy media frenzy as the audience claps away.

once again the shows are all running at least an hour and a half behind schedule, and the blame is on the swimwear shows upstairs at the OPT for the hold up.
i am at saint augustine’s academy and it’s all shiny doc martens, chains, (temporary) tattoos and punk checkers. And super cool make up by (searching for the artist??) who has stuck metal clasp hook bits onto the model’s eyebrows. one of the metal things falls off when my model changes out of a light washed denim strapless minidress, but luckily it is found and safely glued back on before the model rushes onto the runway. 

fernando frisoni is on next and his team is preparing headband-pieces which look like glittery fishing rods, but overall the collection is cute. the kaleidoscopic purple and orange print stands out. 
(there is also a very tanned male model randomly wandering around backstage in red and white stripey speedos. He tells me he’s here for havianas who are sponsoring the show. ok). 
most models are only wearing one look each, so I help samantha harris into a puffy-sleeved black dress and walk around zipping up backs of dresses.

it is almost 10.00pm (the show should have started at 9.30pm) when gail sorronda wheels in the racks of impressiveness which is her collection. i forget all thoughts of tiredness, and cannot keep myself from admiringly touching each piece. black. white. and a hint of bronze. tulle skirts. layered dresses. ruffled bat wing capes. beads of necklaces and headpieces and belts. my model, louise van de vorst, and I both agree: gail is a genius.

it is the last day of rafw and everyone is secretly relieved it is nearly over. i’m working with my model rachel rutt for two looks for new zealand designer annah stretton: cuteish bra and knickers, tablecloth-checked front tie top and a lace hoola-hoop skirt. is is all about “lets play in the hay”. 

and the last onsite show is the rosemount / harper’s bazaar sponsorship featuring selected designer picks including dion lee, willow etc. It is hype. dion lee’s knotted dresses are very cool (and in my opinion, very burberry). willow’s white silk dress is even more beautiful in real life than it looks like on the april '10 cover of australian vogue. and the australia’s next top model contestants who were also there filming “the debut catwalk challenge” for an episode are very nervous. LOL.
all above images taken by me on the iphone cam.
and it is all over.



it's on.

It is that time of season. Again. Designers are feverously adjusting the last hem. Stitching the final button. Shaking off the cigarette ash and zipping-up their creations into dry-cleaners bags, all ready for fashion week.
This year Rosemount Australian Fashion Week will be celebrating 15years of fashion fabulousness, and with designers including Romance was Born, Manning Cartell, Arnsdorf, Konstantina Mittas, etc all on the bill, it is set to be amazingly really fun indeed. Attended by industry insiders such as Net-a-porter buyers, it is also going to be an amazing opportunity for brand new labels to show their stuff to the people who matter.
And while, as I’m writing this in my flanno’s form my bedroom, and my eyes are watering-up that I’m totally missing out on the opening party, I am getting very, VERY excited about jetting down to the city with the Opera House in just 2 days to get to work BACKSTAGE at the RAFW! Yah!
Who really cares about the front row?
Backstage drama: Yes! 
As for what to wear…am packing the fail-safe Black Rats. And flats. I am told t-shirts will be provided.


fashion week survival kit: various black clothing/ miu miu shoes/ iphone.


a calm...before the flash-bulbs explode.

...1 day...



with their oversized black prada sunglasses.

...2 days...