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atimetopretend the elizabeth p. thimble vintage blog of fashion + curiosities.

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but autumn leaves dance...give me, give me symphonies.

images (2-5) courtesy frankie: the photo album vol.1, vouge, russh.

some inspiration for the days which are getting shorter. the wind is colder. and i find myself reaching for that cardigan stashed somewhere at the back of my wardrobe. i do believe it is poncho season.

in wonderland they lie,
dreaming as the days go by,
dreaming as the summers die.



give me something i can believe in.

delphic. i just saw the guys live. they are really good.



mirror, mirrors...mirrors and embellished whispers of your name.

sass & bide dress, bodysuit, leggings/ bonds sloppy joe jumper/ havianas shoes/ vintage shell necklace.

style tip #347:
for a way-too-easy transition from lazing on your hammock to yaaah party!
wear favourite old jumper over an incredibly glamOHrous dress (mini/ maxi, whatever. although if it is a maxi, you will get away with the flipflops). take jumper off. instant hearts much.



"i AM avant-garde".

anthony who?
i only got into project runway for the first time halfway during the running of its second season in australia last year. that was because the episodes became free to view on my phone. of course i was well aware of the show before this, but being an unfortunate child with no foxtel, i completely missed the airing of season one in 2008. (although i was downed that Leigh Buchanan didn’t win that one, when a friend sent me a link to his finale designs which were absolutely gorge!).
after one day watching maybe the fifth episode i became an instant addict, and had to do a mini-marathon of the first few episodes to catch up. and fell in absolute adoration of anthony capon. From week 1 his designs were completely fresh with each challenge, yet never lost their incredible avant-garde craziness which was totally anthony. and then his winning collection for the competition finale…really.
i would book a trip to sydney just to see his debut catwalk collection at rosemount fashion week 2010. this boy has serious talent, so remember the name.


project runway: finale collection
images courtesy


and the wild ones called a call to dance.

sass & bide dress/ top and beast rats/ converse shoes/ vintage necklace.

i haven't had enough of animal print just yet!



paris fashion week part II.

and finally, it was worth the wait all week for k. karl's polarbear-on-iceberg at chanel. loves it!
all images courtesy

pais fashion week.


miu miu.
alexander mcqueen.
all images courtesy

aah, paris fashion week. the true home of fashion, hands down. 
loves: bowler/ top hats, leather jackets and alligator back dresses at hermes, bandeau pinafore minis at miu miu, embellished neckpieces at lanvin, and, of course, a huge tribute to alexander mcqueen's last ever collection <3.



the dreamlings promised me the world in poetry .

sass & bide dress and black rats, vintage leather jacket, cape and necklace.

opera club is so cool. especially when i get an invite to the annual backstage wardrobe clear out! thinking in the mood for a top hat, i strolled along and managed to pick up a grandma nightie, full of glitter. add scissors and... BAM! a superhero-worthy cape. batman has nothing on this.  



he wrapped his fingers around my fingers and said: "now we will be the immortals".

image courtesy (where you can shop the collection)

i cannot really begin to describe the molten-metalness and raw crystal amazingness of maniamania's "real life awaits us" jewellery collection. you must really have a look for yourself. but this "the immortals ring"... wow...had me reaching for my credit card before i could remind myself that i am not a ring person. oh dear.


for a new tomorrow.

images courtesy

following their gorgeous (hearts much) metal embellishament-clad futuregrand fall/ winter 2010 collection, sass & bide was back at london fashion week showing an equally amazing tomorrow the great: spring/ summer 2010/11 rush of ideas: gold shoulders/ hairy feathers + shells and neck high embellishment will surely bring out that bit of edwardian maisai in everyone. forever and always a lover of cowrie shells, i am sooo hyped to see these pieces in real life!